Q. What placement services do you offer?
A. Our Quality Staff Placement Service is a comprehensive process that manages your entire placement process from start to finish. Our service includes placing your ad, reviewing resumes, screening candidates, conducting personal or group interviews, conducting reference checks, providing a highly qualified select pool of final candidates, assisting with salary and benefit negotiations, and coordinating background checks. We believe it is important to conduct all portions of the process so you can fill your open position with the best possible candidate in the quickest timeframe possible.

Q. What is the fee for a Staff Placement?
A. Our Staff Recruitment Fee is $1,500 per placement. An initial investment of $750 is kindly requested at the commencement of the search and the balance is due when the applicant is hired.

Q. What if we enlist your placement service and then find the perfect person on our own? Can we hire him/her and would we still be responsible for your fee?
A. While it’s ultimately your position to fill, we highly recommend you place your candidate alongside the candidates we select and put them through the full hiring process. If your person is the top choice in the end, you will have confidence this person truly is the best person for the job. As for the placement fee, you would only be responsible for the initial investment of $750.

Q. What happens if the ideal candidate doesn’t accept the job?
A. We work tirelessly to represent your practice and make a great match. Our process is set up to bring not only highly qualified, but highly interested candidates to you, so you can select the best match. We discuss salary, benefits, timelines, and expectations with the top candidates to reduce the chance of someone declining the position. In the rare case a candidate declines, we will revisit the other final candidates with you to see if one of them would work and is still interested.

Ad Placement

Q. Where do you place ads for our open position?
A. We place ads on Craigslist, Indeed.com, LinkedIn and other dental job boards. We’ve found this to be the best job boards to attract local talent.

Q. Why do you use Craigslist?
A. Craigslist provides high quality candidates, and 90% of dental applicants report using Craigslist as a primary way to look for a job.

Q. How long do you run the ad?
A. We run the ad weekly until your position is filled.

Q. Is there an additional cost to us for the Craigslist ad?
A. Yes. The Craigslist ad fee is in addition to the placement services fee and is $25-35 for each week the ad runs depending upon your location.

Q. Do you list the job with our practice name or as an anonymous practice?
A. We use the Dental Jobs Colorado name and e-mail address to attract high quality applicants and to prevent calls and e-mails to your practice disrupting your work day.

Resume Review

Q. Do you keep resumes from all clients’ job postings and review those along with resumes received from the ad you place for our open position?
A. We do retain all applications for three years and review them for any open position for our placement service clients. A top candidate who may not have been right for one office could be the perfect fit for another position.

Q. What criteria do you use to narrow down the field of applicants during the resume review process?
A. Based upon the Staff Recruitment Worksheet you submit for your open position, we review candidates’ prior dental experience, longevity in previous positions, spelling in their resume, and where they live in proximity to your practice.

Q. Do you contact everyone who submits a resume or just the candidates you want to interview?
A. We typically receive over 300 resumes a week for open positions. We interview any candidate who could be a potential match for the practice based on prior dental experience, location, longevity, and salary range.

Telephone Screening

Q. Who conducts the telephone interview?
A. Amy Kirsch, Cynthia Robertson or Cassandra Boudreaux conduct the telephone interviews.

Q. What are you looking for in a candidate during a telephone interview?
A. We look for professional phone skills, personality, grammar, enthusiasm, and the ability to answer questions concisely. We also note whether or not they ask questions about the position.

Q. How long do you spend on each telephone interview?
A. We typically spend between 10-20 minutes with each candidate.

Group Interviews

Dental Jobs Colorado uses group interviews when we identify a larger number of highly qualified candidates from the applications. If we select a smaller number of exceptional candidates, we move directly to personal interviews.

Q. Why do you conduct group interviews?
A. Simply put, group interviews allow the stars to shine. We look for certain traits, including timeliness, professional appearance and demeanor, group interaction, teamwork, performance under pressure, and the ability to “think on their feet” and to debate ideas in a productive manner. Many of these things are more apparent in a group setting as opposed to a one-on-one situation.

Q. Who conducts the group interview?
A. Amy Kirsch or Cynthia Robertson conducts the group interview, and typically they have one other person (the doctor or a key staff member) in attendance to sit back, listen, and take notes.

Q. Do you always conduct a group interview?
A. Not always. We conduct group interviews when there are a lot of qualified candidates for one position. If there are fewer qualified candidates, we will move directly to personal interviews. Our goal is to meet the most qualified applicants quickly.

Q. How many candidates do you have during a group interview?
A. We limit group interviews to 5-8 candidates, and we will conduct multiple group interviews if we identify enough qualified candidates.

Personal Interviews

Q. Who conducts the personal interviews with Amy Kirsch & Associates?
A. Amy Kirsch or Cynthia Robertson conducts the initial personal interview.

Q. Is a member of our team involved in the initial personal interview conducted by Amy Kirsch & Associates?
A. Not usually. We prefer to conduct the initial personal interview and then refer the most highly qualified applicants to you along with their resume and our notes. At that point, either the doctor or the office manager reviews the resume, our notes and schedules their own personal interview in their office. We do not typically attend that interview.

Q. When do we meet the most qualified candidates?
A. After our team conducts the group or personal interview for your position, they will forward the most qualified candidates’ resumes along with their interview notes to the doctor or office manager, and at that point you would set up your personal interview of the candidate(s).

Q. What questions should we ask during our interview with an applicant?
A. Each position and dental office is unique, so the questions you ask need to be geared toward your particular needs. If you would like assistance drafting questions, we would be happy to help you.

Q. Should we have more than one of our staff members conduct the personal interview in our office?
A. Yes. We recommend at least two members of your staff (i.e., the doctor and the office manager or a senior hygienist) be involved in the personal interview.

Benefit and Salary Negotiation

Q. Do you manage benefit and salary negotiation for our final candidate?
A. Yes, if you would like. 

Q. What happens if we can’t come to terms on salary and benefits with our top candidate?
A. While we work hard to set appropriate expectations during initial communications with candidates, there are rare times when practices and candidates cannot come to terms. In that situation, we typically move on to the next qualified applicant who can better match the salary and benefits.

Background Check Coordination

Q. Do we really need to do background checks?
A. Yes. In today’s job market, we highly recommend conducting a background check on your final applicant.

Q. Is the background check cost included in your placement service fee?
A. No. We partner with and recommend Hire Right for your background check needs. They are experts in the industry and provide the confidentiality necessary for background checks. Their fee is $39.95 per background check and is not included in your placement service fee.

Final Candidate Recommendation

Q. What if the candidate we choose doesn’t work out?
A. Despite best efforts, there are rare times that a candidate doesn’t work out. In that case, you would receive a 50% savings on the next placement if the candidate leaves within 60 days of hire.