Keen Ability to Discern Problems and Create Solutions

"Amy is an outstanding dental coach! She kept us on task, helped us problem-solve key practice issues and most importantly, gave us tools to implement the next day. As a dental coach, she has the keen ability to discern the problem, deliver feedback and help create a workable solution to most any problem a practice can face. I would highly recommend her to any practice that feels it’s not reached its potential."
Jody Catalanello

Up-to-Date Information

"Amy Kirsch has been our dental consultant for almost 15 years. We feel she has been very helpful in supporting us as we have evolved over the years. We know we can count on Amy for up-to-date information on systems, hiring new dental team members, leadership, and all team issues. She has helped us learn how to work more efficiently and how to increase our level of care to our dental patients. Amy has always been there for us when we have a problem."
Dr. Vincent Cleeves

Building Blocks for Success

"Amy Kirsch has provided us with the building blocks to allow us to build a successful dental practice. She has helped my team and I implement important customer service skill and business systems. Through consistent monitoring and coaching, they have empowered us achieve our goals."
Dr. Lynelle Zabel

Created Systems to Increase Efficiency

"Amy has created systems in our dental practice that helps us function more efficiently. They have improved our customer service through better communication skills, starting from the initial phone call to financial arrangements and scheduling. We have had a significant increase in case acceptance and production."
Dr. William Pfeifer and Dr. Scarlet Disse-Pfeifer

Exceptional Coaching Skills

"Amy Kirsch has been committed to helping my dental practice achieve new levels of production, collection and profitability. Her endless energy and exceptional coaching skills have allowed us to become a more successful dental practice."
Dr. Nancy Simons