Office Manual Facilitation


HR compliance is ever-changing and complex. New regulations are passed every year and states vary widely in their requirements.

A policy manual needs to be unique to your industry, the number of employees you have, and your individual state. Beyond requirements, your policy manual should contain all of the necessary and recommended policies that support effective employee management.

As a Certified HR Compliance Consultant with Bent Ericksen & Associates, we coordinate updates or new policy manuals for dental practices. Bent Ericksen & Associates’ assessment will give you an overview of the adequacy of your manual and the area(s) that should be added, changed and/or updated.

During the extensive review process, they go through each provision of the existing manual, identifying when language, provisions or policies are:

  • Out of compliance with contemporary standards,
  • Inconsistent with federal and state regulations in the state in which you are located,
  • Inadvisable for sound HR management and employment compliance,
  • Illegal, contradictory or missing,
  • Represent areas of risk or lack of compliance based on the manual's content.

Contact Amy or Bent Ericksen & Associates for a review or implementation of your Office Manual.